Phillip Injeian<br />Master Violin Maker
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Materials & Workmanship

Phillip Injeian uses only the highest quality materials in both new construction and restoration.

Bridges and soundposts are of only the finest quality wood: aged a minimum of 20 years in a constantly growing inventory of the finest quality maples and spruces from both Europe and the United States.

Aged French Aubert and Despiau Bridges are usually used. Options are available to suit your individual needs.

Phillip Injeian incorporates all the knowledge and skills he has acquired over the years having worked in the finest workshops in France, Germany and the United States. Outstanding artists such as Leonidas Kavakos, Andres Cardénes, Glen Dicterow, Sherry Kloss, Gil Shaham, Midori, Yo-Yo Ma, Yuval Yaron, Sergiu Schwartz, Cho Lang Lin, Nigel Kennedy, David Kim, Benny Kim, Randolph Kelly, Anne Williams and many, many more have used his services and or played his instruments. They attest to his high level of artistry:

Phillip's reputation as a dealer and connoisseur of fine instruments is well established and respected internationally. Because he has studied and worked in the foremost countries of violinmaking in Europe, Phillip is familiar with the various styles and schools of Italy, France, Germany and other European violinmaking countries.

Phillip is also a member of the German Federation of Violin and Bowmakers, the American Appraisers Association and is an acting board member of "the Bohemians" (the New York Musicians Club).